Yumi Usb Boot

Delete redundant Ophcrack folders. Update to support newer Dr. Each file is run depending on its file extension.

Debian now requires the persistent block file and label to be named persistence instead of live-rw, and it must hold a persistence. You can add your own files, applications, portable apps, etc. If you find a distribution where the install does not work, please let me know.

YUMI - MultiBoot Live USB Creator - USB Pen Drive AppsYUMI Multiboot USB Creator Overview

Added support for Raspberry Pi Desktop. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our site. New extension override suffix and file sort order prefix supported e. Yes, you can have multiple persistent Ubuntu based distributions, as each distro utilizes its own casper-rw file.

SystemRescueCd with default options. Originally Posted by cyberpine.

Add Desinfec't German Antivirus. Multiboot folder and volume name. Download a whole website and view it offline using wget!

You'll need to disable secure boot if it's enabled. Please donate to support this site. Add lock, dismount, and unlock features. Couldn't read the first sector issues. Use alternate method for old Ubuntu derivatives with conflicting syslinux gfxboot.

If all went well, it should boot straight into your chosen Windows Installer. Chinese YouTube videos here. Medicat now extracts to the root folder until I find a fix for lost paths.

Add filesystem and drive type to drive list. Added Persistent Option for Ubuntu and some Derivatives. If you are a linux user, you can use gparted. There are a couple of changes you need to make. Update Fedora boot method.

Has anybody tested this before? Fixed a menu scrolling bug vesamenu. Update to support Pearl Linux. First, replace your chain.

This option has been shown to successfully boot almost all Linux based distributions. Once there, move the bootmgr, madonna music videos bootmgr.

You must select the type of distro first. Fixed source compilation bug. Originally Posted by gregrocker. Update to replace empty spaces in iso file with dashes.

Add filesystem type to drivelist. Quick fix to support older versions of Knoppix.

Download YUMI / UEFI


Most other distribution files remain contained within the multiboot folder. Notice how we need to put the full path in.

Switch back to using vesamenu for sub-menu config files. You will need a Windows system to make. Update credits and sources.

Other names and logos may also be trademarked by their respective owners. When I want to switch I just sweep the files into their folder and spill the other's out into root.

YUMI Multiboot USB Creator Overview

Update Get Drives function to ignore system and network drives. Then you can add in any other tools or apps. Also supports dual partition images - e. Corrected Desinfec't misspelling. You'll need to boot using your Windows to Go menu option a second time to finalize the setup process and finally boot into your full Portable Windows.

Full E2B feature list

Fix broken older Parted Magic menu entries. Tails, BackTrack or even Ophcrack! Update to support GeckoLinux and newer Porteus. New languages can be easily made and added including Persian, Urdu, Hebrew and other right-to-left languages.

YUMI Main Multiboot USB Boot Menu

Add option for Paid version of Kon-Boot. By browsing this site, you consent to the use of some third party cookies.

YUMI Main Multiboot USB Boot Menu