Technicolor Cinestyle Color Assist

Hi Vincent, I bought this software and tried both stand-alone and plug-in with Premiere Pro. Anyone else had the same problem.

Exploit a far greater dynamic color range when shooting in difficult lighting conditions. We use cookies on our website to support technical features that enhance your user experience. In the coming weeks I will post a tutorial that goes in depth with explaining how to use the interface, and that delves into greater detail surrounding the different color correction controls.

Congratulations, the Technicolor CineStyle Profile is now loaded in your camera! So If you did shoot with this profile, or something similar, Color Assist has a pre-fashioned S-Curve that you can throw on your flat image that places your clip in a more cinematic color space. The CineStyle Profile was created by Technicolor color scientists and engineers. Did all the reading, watch videos and then installed it.

To opt-out click for more information. What does CineStyle Profile do to the image? Search this website Enter keywords.

Create a unique Hollywood feel to your productions that matches the look and color capabilities of much more expensive equipment and processes. Can you please help me out?

There is also the ability to save a composition you have created as a. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest.

Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist Vincent Laforet s BlogTechnicolor CineStyle Color Assist

Like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, you can organize clips as thumbnails that can be adjusted, or you can view them as a list. Once you save the look or looks that you like in Color Assist, the clips are immediately updated in Premiere Pro when you return.

Technicolor is responding to industry demand from cinematographers for enhanced flexibility in capturing images from digital cameras. When the Technicolor CineStyle Profile is selected in the camera, firefox for window xp for video images are recorded in log space.

With the Color Control tab, you can adjust hues, luminance, shadows, midtones, and highlights with standard three-way color-corrector wheels, as well as accessing saturation-level bars. Each of these tools offers a way to visualize luminance and color values across the range of the image. This blog article was an influence in my decision to purchase this product. Lastly, there is also a curves adjustment control.

Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist


It will also list the number of color compositions stored within the clip and allow you to set a master. You now can send your clip to Color Assist, but make sure the program is already open. On the right side of the application, Color Assist has professional scopes, such as a histogram, waveform, and vectorscope. Look forward to the tutorial and just experimenting with this myself.

These files are metadata that are saved in the same file as your video clip and under the same name. Your looks then can be implemented, rendered, and exported as a finished project. Each color composition, when selected, also displays and allows the reset of the curve, primary, secondary, and looks that are utilized.

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Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist. How does CineStyle Profile help the cinematographer? Why was CineStyle Profile developed?

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The tools packed with Color Assist include your basic color correction using three-way controls for Shadow, Midtone, Highlight, and Saturation adjustment. Technicolor Cinestyle Profile. Download Cinestyle Profile. Nice piece of software but what a crappy demonstration video.

The Looks tab should be the most popular tool for most users. Effector Theme by Pixel Union. You can then use the tools mentioned above to further stylize the look of your image. This is the first installment in this new series.

The first is a Metadata Window. On the left side of the program, there are four color tools.

This allows for greater artistic freedom during the color grading process in post-production. The entire program is set up around the creation of.

Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist Vincent Laforet s Blog