Reminiscences Of The Nehru Age

All the women in Gandhi- ji s entourage were involved in this, including the late Rajkumari Amnt Kaur who spoke to me freely and frankly about it. Unlike others she did not make any attempt to reach Nehru to tell her tale of woe.

He also considers how India destabilized relations, the actions that were necessary for normalization to occur, and the directions bilateral relations may take in the future. Andrews, who wit- nessed this harsh treatment, took the man aside and gave him his train fare and a few rupees from his pocket without Gandhiji's knowledge. Rajaji was a man of dry wit and a wily old fox.

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The Cabinet refused to listen to Mountbatten. There is an unverified text floating on the Internet, with credit to Maneka Gandhi, Mrs. My sister was deeply hurt.

Jinnah was, of course, an exception. She however forgot to take with her a small cloth bundle in which, among other things, several letters in Hindi were found. But I soon discovered that he was a schemer. The author is also unbiased in taking strong and moral stance in many issues, some of which could be disagreed by many.

Most of Gandhiii's principal colleagues privately protested, without success, against this practice. It is not going to be bound by any previous arrangements. The fact of the matter is that and this fact can be found in many writings Indira was very lonely. It took me over two months to go through them late at night daily.

The indu- cement was considerable. All her belongings were looted.

Shaw went on chuckling for some time. Mathai penned those words.

He also said that truth can get distorted beyond recognition if it. Some years later a friend asked me who were more cruel, Muslims or Sikhs?

Reminiscences of the Nehru Age by-M-O-Mathai

In this electronic age, it is much easier to obtain information and disseminate it to the masses with a simple click. His ventures have resulted in losses. He rose to be an ambassador and is now retired. Mathai has collected his life experiences during his tenure in the Government under J. It is fair to say that Mr.

You and I are mundane people. Meticulous in his attention to detail, Mountbatten had the remarkable capacity to get the best out of his well chosen staff. Appropriately enough the Indian frigate frishu!

Nonetheless the press remained kind to Nehru for the high esteem in which he was held by the public and the media. This was done within two days, and the woman left Delhi quietly. Though I have found it psychologically difficult to write some chapters of this book, it was this chapter that I found the most difficult.

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Reminiscences of the Nehru Age

They make use of a variety of source material and employ a wide range of analytical devices, such as the national security paradigm, the idea of economic development, and culture. From the day he attempted to play a part in history he delivered himself up to her. Kill all further despatches from the correspondent. As Churchill walked into the room, his presence was immediately felt in sharp contrast to Clement Attlee. The only instance on record when vegetarian Shaw was left tongue-tied was when he visited the laboratory of Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose in London at the turn of the century.

He also had a highly developed sense of business. Thus I got rid of all my routine work.

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The reason was that the library did not have a copy of a particular book on Socrates. On his Malaya trip he took with him as his secretary his brother-in-law, Gunotham Purushotham Hutheesing. Such a description is calculated to mis lead Indian. This did not help in acquiring and retaining popularity. Also, many British non- official institutions dropped the word Empire which was substituted by Commonwealth.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Despite his obvious flaws, the author does have interesting insights about other freedom fighters, especially Rajaji and Patel.

The book gives the reader Reminiscences of the Nehru Age is a book written by M. Reminiscences of the Nehru Age is a book written by M. His insights, impressions and reminiscences of the noted key figures of the times are interesting for a generation like mine that grew only hearing those names. Some of Nehru's finest speeches were either extempore or written in his own hand when alone, without any disturbance, the girl who spelled dom and when he was emotionally stirred. Nehru came down to my room and sat down with Boshi Sen.

Panikkar, who was a frequent visitor to Ambedkar, obviously reported all this to him. The greatest blunder Mountbatten committed was to be taken in by Shaheed Suhrawar- dy and to send to the British Government the plan of Operation Balkan. Overall a great book to read and understand minds of leaders and people in those times.

It was Safojini Naidu who did. He was amused, thought I was a crank, and reported all this to Nehru, who asked him not to make much variation upwards in the salary I had suggested. Except in its broad aspects, I was not particularly interested in foreign affairs which, in detail, meant international pillow-fighting.

You can also inform the Cabinet about this. When we were in Kulu the packing case containing, the clock for Indu reached us. It was just a case of a change of name by an affidavit.