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Mere Sanam - Mohammed Rafi. It's wonderful to see Rafi saab's song being appreciated.

Of course, I love Abhi na jaao chhod kar too - its lovely and Rafi's voice is soooo seductive. Have you heard any other cricket songs? Rafi refused to side with her, cdma to gsm converter stating that his claim on the film producer's money ended with his being paid his agreed fee for the song. There are enough people who consume either or both. Balasubrahmanyam Ajoy Chakrabarty M.

Romance is what first comes to mind, when I think of Rafi's songs too. Annually his birth and death anniversaries inspire several thousand musical tributes on stage, radio and television. She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in India. But I was not aware of - or maybe had just forgotten - the date of his death anniversary, so this post was a nice surprise to me.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It's a relief to have oldies and A.

He certainly had a lovely voice. Fans of Mohammed Rafi, who visit his tomb twice a year to mark his birth and death anniversaries, use the coconut tree that is nearest his grave as a marker. Kala Bazar - Mohammed Rafi. Rafi posts are pleasure to do and read!

Tamil Telugu Dubbed Movies. It was pretty oldies-oriented to my ears. Can you recognise anyone else?

He has recorded as many as songs in many languages. The lyrics, Rafi's voice, the music and Waheeda Rehman - all mixed into the best combination ever. Rafi's popularity today is reflected in his huge fan following around the world. Johnny Walker has misplaced his heart and needs the help of Yasmin to find it. This poll was published in Outlook.

Asha on the other hand, got to sing for more interesting characters as well, and I associate her voice with more earthy and gritty character. Its hard for me to understand how anyone can stay mad at Madhubala when she sings and emotes like that, but maybe it helped that Rafi couldnt see her? Burning at the stake awaits you for such heresy!

Best Of Mohammad Rafi Hit Old Superhit Songs - Hindi Old Song

For the lack of availability of these things, I dont hold the consumer responsible - because all we can really do is choose from what is available. Somehow, one always associates Kishore Kumar with silly but fun songs - I am still discovering Rafi's songs in that category and he is just as good there as he is in his serious stuff!

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And wasnt the Parineeta soundtrack a big hit? Came to know about some old Rafi songs that i am not so familiar with. This prompted Rafi to write a letter, in protest, to Guinness. Mohammad Rafi is undoubtedly among one of the most famous singers in the Hindi playback singing industry.

Best Of Mohammad Rafi Hit Old Superhit Songs - Hindi Old Song

Mohammad Rafi

She is famous and reputed singer in India. They are both lovely songs. Rafi happens to be my favorite singer, but I can understand Kishore's pull, too. Those are the songs that anyone can sing, but the songs that I give you are the ones which only you can sing!

And yes, Manna Dey was criminally underused in Hindi films. Much to my relief, Asha decides to trust his face and forego the invitation to perform an open heart surgery on Shammi!

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Baharo Phool Barsao Mohammed Rafi. He also sang for many small time and lesser-known music directors. User-interface for quick access of your songs. Balasubrahmanyam Hariharan Sanjeev Abhyankar M. Old Song Hindi is your old entertainment, music website.

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Wish there was someone like him nowadays! Qismat phati hui thi Alibaba and the Forty Thieves.

And it still airs the same programs. Once Naushad found Talat smoking during a recording. What a great way to limit yourself to a manageable number. Your guess is as good as mine!

That song is beauriful and the sad version is devastating. Dilip Kumar did have lots of hair - something I imagine a lot of other heroes must have envied too! And oh yes, I'm an Ashavaadi too. Rafi associated with several of his contemporaries, singing duets with them and sometimes for them as in case of Kishore Kumar who was also an actor. Madan Mohan was another composer whose favourite singer was Rafi.

Awesome post - and such an innovative way of showcasing some lovely songs! It seems Asha used to complain to Pancham da that he gives all good songs as in picturized on the leading ladies to Lata and makes her sing the remaining songs. Two brainy people Kishore Kumar and I. As long as I get to listen to Asha and Rafi I wouldn't ask for anything more. Rafi argued that the producer takes financial risk and the composer creates the song, so the singer does not have any claim over the royalty money.

Kishore does seem to win more hearts in the present days than Rafi - at least among the people I know. Teesri Manzil - Mohammed Rafi.

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Apply Language Selection Please select the language s of the music you listen to. Even Madhubala is puzzled, and she only came over to hide behind the car.