Network Monitoring Tools For Windows

So, unless you manage a huge network and you need a tool that can easily scale up, these systems may not be for you. It has an unimpressive interface that consists of a live graph showing your current network usage. It can send customizable alerts and reports to help ensure you are the first to know about issues or application failures.

The 26 best network monitoring tools

You can pay for extra modules to add on to the basic package or opt for higher bundles that include extra functionality. There are a number of different pricing options available for Splunk.


Traverse also offers real-time and historical reporting. The flow collector handles the reception, storage and pre-processing of the flow data. One of the things that set WhatsUp Gold apart from the competition is its support for hybrid cloud monitoring and web monitoring.

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It is the most complete list I saw. This product offers a complete suite through which to monitor your entire network environment from nodes to devices and servers. One feature of NetWorx we found particularly useful is how it lets one set data quotas and get warnings when certain limits are exceeded. The extensive features combined with the low price point make this an excellent network monitoring solution for any size enterprise. It will also recommend SmartMonitor settings.

The SolarWinds ipMonitor has auto-discovery to quickly discover infrastructure components. In the event that Zabbix recognizes a problem on your network, a message will rise in the messages window. This alleviates much of the learning curve that occurs when using a new product.

In terms of deployment, EventSentry is limited to Windows devices. Available on the Cloud or for installation on Windows or Linux, this network monitoring system covers networks, servers, applications, and storage devices. Overall Zenoss is easy to use but let down by the complex installation procedure. This is called Zenoss Core.

You can set the platform to respond automatically once a network event is detected. The tool pack is all about exploiting the NetFlow system that is built into all Cisco routers. This has more to do with the underlying hardware than the operating system, though. This is useful for identifying how well your connection is keeping up with the demands of your technical infrastructure.

So, this free tool is something of a secret weapon for engineers who need to get miraculous tasks done on the cheap. That being said this will still deploy very well within any enterprise environment. As for the graph itself, you can customize its update frequency, its scale, its colour, and its transparency.

This utility saves you the bother of having to log in to each of your routers and navigating through the management interface menu. Since then, the developers have made great strides in terms of expanding both functionality and usability since then.

NetFlow is a data traffic analysis system that was created by Cisco Systems. With this, you can check on the abilities of your network infrastructure to handle specific traffic volumes.

This is useful from both a pragmatic and regulatory compliance standpoint. The tool will also let you set an alert to be triggered when you exceed a certain bandwidth threshold. You can receive alerts when specific events happen on your network but that is not all.

Specifically, it collects, compares, and displays the time for a three-way-handshake versus the time-to-first-byte between two systems. User configured alerts are another feature that the Spiceworks team have embedded into this product. You can drag and drop elements such as charts and graphs onto the dashboard in order to customize your view. This is useful in an enterprise environment because it helps to provide a safety barrier against malicious attackers. This product is used by a number of large organizations.

If you want to give the product a test run before purchasing it, a free day trial is available. Most network administrators either have direct experience of using Wireshark or indirect knowledge of it. It allows you to collect data from almost any network element, including routing and switching systems as well as firewalls, and put that data into robust graphs.

26 Best Network Monitoring Tools and Software of 2019

Logic Monitor is an excellent SaaS product from the moment you start using it. However, there is a free trial available here.

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Spiceworks Network Monitor has developed a name for itself as one of the top free network monitoring tools available. But there is a whole other class of tools which are just free-free. Those are tools that can give you some information on what exactly is going on. SpiceWorks Network Monitor is compatible with any version of Windows.

The 26 best network monitoring tools

In addition to alerts, it also has automated remediation capabilities to minimize downtime. Network monitoring is an essential task of every network administrator. These are usually built into equipment and ready to use as soon as they are configured.

All network monitoring is conducted through the dashboard. Here you can view all devices on your network alongside their status. The device-level view helps to make the process of troubleshooting much easier when responding to poor performance.

Network traffic is very similar to road traffic. There is also a map view which allows you to see the physical location of network elements. There are over Logic Modules to assist the user and automate network connection monitoring and alerts. Yes, they have real-time monitoring, visualization and user defined alerts. The tool includes alert handling, switch port mapping, solidworks 2013 software full version with crack and application monitoring.

6 Best Network Monitoring Tools for Windows 10

And finally, it will divide it by to get the bandwidth in bits per second. Originally created as a way of simplifying the creation of access control lists, NetFlow was developed by Cisco Systems.

26 Best Network Monitoring Tools and Software of 2019