Little Fighter 2 Naruto Mod

The levels need to be more interactive, with your Character. Flaming or offending other users. Then, play as Rudolf and throw some shurikens. There is no need for installing, it has to be simply extracted then it should work.

When the entire screen is full of Rudolfs, you will be invulnerable. Select the Click here button to download it.

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Do you have a fairy tail mod. You can choose to fight individually, or with a human computer partner. You can also do that for attacks. While you struggle and guess what to do to make this thing work, you are persecuted by loud horrible sophomoric music to call it music you can't turn off, apparently. So the players both make ice swords.

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Apply it on battle mode or stage mode. Rudolf - Multi-ninja stars, more clones if you have time.

For the moment, I am uninstalling it. It also added Survival Stage, a new independent stage in Stage Mode, in which players fight their way through as many waves of opponents as they can before they die.

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Championship Mode sets up a tournament bracket to determine a winner. Too many preparation steps before you arrive somewhere. Change the name nothing else to rudolf not with capital. Mediafire These are all non-anime based mods.

Items may occasionally fall into the screen to assist players. No computers, just Rudolph, Freeze and Firen. If anyone wants to add some more mods to the list, just post here and I will update it later onwards.


New Age Fighters Official Forum! Pros The cool style and the new look with great fighters and backgrounds. You can also download fighters, nenu devudni telugu movie mp3 songs weapons and more from the download section and more. Mediafire These are the list of all Naruto Anime based mods. Want to partake in viewing member exclusive boards and to interact with everyone here?

Now chose someone that you want to change. The levels were not enough, they only served as back grounds, they needed to be more interactive.

It should hit each other and shields will pop out. Each character also has special attacks that can be activated by pressing a certain combination of keys.

They will all turn into ice, as if the ally got freeze. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. The pre-select buttons are pointless. Sexually explicit or offensive language.

Are you sure you installed the right one because it works fine for me. No files were found matching the criteria specified. The enemy has a less chance of defending it. All keys can be set via a configuration menu.

The defend, jump, and attack buttons are used to make the character perform an action. Pros The game is addictive easy to play simple and the graphics are great.

Summary I tried three times to go through all the many setup screens, each one with unclear or non existing instructions. Battle Mode is a team-based mode involving two sides commanding mass customisable armies of computer players.

Copy these files to another place, swap their names over and replace these files with their old ones. Difficulty can be set to Easy, Normal, and Difficult for all modes except demo. After you have do so, you will have two Julian datas. Once a bottle of beer or milk is finished, the character drops it and the empty bottle shatters and disappears. Your duplicates should also all transform.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Find Rudolf's preview and get it on the desktop too. Well there are a few of them Thx. You can also change the look of attacks by accessing the file.

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It will turn into Freeze's ice bomb and return to attack the enemies. Also, when enemies uses long ranged bomb attacks, you can reflect them by slashing on the bomb. Pros A great game once you get the hang of it. Cons The worst part about this game is finding a legit version of it. The screens never seem to end.

We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available. The Graphics still need improvement, even though the pixel correction is good, the Character Sprites still need to be bigger. Stage Mode, like in many classic beat-'em-up action games, allows the players to fight their way through five stages, with bosses here and there. Advertisements or commercial links.

Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. After you type a name and select and there it is you have the character you want. Then clone lots of Julians to get an army of them. Well here was the old link megaupload. These include knives, baseballs, baseball bats, hoes, crates, boomerangs, and boulders.

Naruto LF2 v2.0