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Should you find the game too tough, there's also the option for easy mode which is made mandatory in later remakes. And I have no idea how you might acquire a copy, so I won't even speculate. Plus, neither of these remakes have been released on other platforms, making them difficult to enjoy on modern hardware. It includes the base game, all five expansions, and a ton of add-ons.

Final Fantasy

Final FantasyFinal fantasy 1 for pc download

If it's as good as I'm hoping, though, this will be the definitive version of an underappreciated gem. Unfortunately, minor-but-annoying load times and awkward translations make this version inferior in almost every way save for the music, which sounds richer on PlayStation hardware.

The best ways to play Final Fantasy 1 through 12Final Fantasy 2

Which of the half-dozen versions of the original Final Fantasy is the one you should play? With a push of a thumbstick you can turn off random encounters, jack up the game's speed, or give yourself full health and unlimited limit breaks during battle. The game itself features updated visuals reminiscent of the original art style and an updated score. We've whipped up a guide showcasing the best ways to play each of the main entries of the series, 2 chainz based on a tru story album along with any additional features and fixes that make them worthwhile.

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Franchise - Final Fantasy

It's a series that has constantly broken its genre's mold, in addition to finding reinvention within its own systems and familiar motifs. However, a reduced screen resolution and poor audio compression hurt its overall presentation. If you want to play this holy crap still-running year-old game, the best way to do it is by grabbing the Ultimate Collection on Steam.

Thankfully, it's also an excellent remake. As such, the best version is perhaps the one furthest from its source material. Apparently there's a mobile version of the game in the works, too - but it was supposed to be out last year, so who knows when it'll actually be released. Oh yeah, and there are trophies - now everyone in the world can know you went on that date with Barrett.

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