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Contract JACK

And you get pretty bloody in Contract J. Everyone's favorite superspy in paisley has been replaced with a man in the latest addition to the No One Lives Forever franchise, a prequel called Contract J. There is no opening musical credits scene in Contract J. In the end, nimbuzz video calling Jack passes the test and is hired by H.

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Ammo for it is very scarce. Jack crashes his rocket into the Italian countryside of Tuscany.

Most of the gameplay is running and gunning through the missions. Danger Danger reaches the scientist first and they begin destroying the lunar base to prevent Jack from escaping. Gone are the gadgets, the storyline, most of the humor and satire, most of the random overheard conversations, all of Cate Archer, stealth and dossiers scattered throughout the level. In some ways this is good, as the game gets right to the point in a way that its predecessors did not, but most often it proves simply numbing.

In the end, Jack is hired by H. Namespaces Page Discussion. It's just a shame that developer Monolith couldn't have come up with something fresher and more involving, as the new release is merely a mediocre shoot-'em-up that can be finished in four hours. Archer and her mentor Bruno is a letdown from the very start.

Contract Jack

Except this time from a male perspective. The pistol fires continuously if the fire key is held. They still duck and throw over tables for cover and are quick to toss hand grenades, although they typically leave safety almost immediately and run right into your crosshairs. There's the waist-high boxes and fences that your Angel of Death is ironically unable to get over.

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The game follows John Jack, a professional killer recruited by H. But the amount of ammo they have is also randomized.

You do get some new weapons to play with, like Jack's trademark Desert Eagle pistol and a powerful combat shotgun, along with a few snazzy new skins, but for the most part, this is familiar ground. After a night of heavy drinking, Jack is apprehended by Franco Syndicate thugs, who are ordered to kill him. It's usually closer to one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

First of all, your only silenced weapon is useless as a silenced weapon, since those spawn triggers send enemies coming after you before they could have possibly heard or seen you. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. The artificial intelligence has been dumbed down so that foes often charge your location no matter what.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Before they can, he breaks free from the ropes that tied him to a chair and slaughters the thugs that swarm the building. You don't even fight him face-to-face in the final battle, a disappointing long-distance affair conducted by rocket launcher from the windows of a far-off house. You slaughter Danger Danger storm troopers in secret headquarters, Italian villas, and even on the moon.

Enemies even lack the character of the previous games. Jack barely exists as a character, and his Client, Volkov, is present only as a two-way radio connection until the very end. The effects of the rocket's propulsion and the base's explosion send Jack floating through space on a collision course with the Sun. Unfortunately, this is the game in a nutshell. The biggest personality in the game is the unhinged Dr.

Il Pazzo is nearby with Dr. The Chosen The Nightmare Levels. You slaughter hired goons to escape a trap laid by a rival. On the moon, Jack must fight through Danger Danger goons to get to Dr. There's the Invisible Wall in the outdoor levels, where you can't climb a modest slope off to the side.

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Bad guys seem less human in other ways as well. It might be a full clip, or there might be one round left. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Contract jack

This guy is death incarnate. The lead-up to the final battle in the Italian countryside allows you to drive a scooter equipped with machine-gun cannons and is very scenic, set amidst rolling hills and a canal.

Not much is offered in terms of multiplayer, either. The interview consists of Jack mowing down waves of H. Volkov tells Jack to report to a job interview at the Roman ruins on Malta. The number of secrets found is tallied at the end of the mission. All seven multipart missions deal strictly with shooting your way through waves of enemies from start to finish.

Jack reaches Danger Danger's rocket seconds before it lifts-off. There are no conversations worthy of eavesdropping, no note trails to be pieced together to tell amusing side stories.

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After a night of heavy drinking, Jack is apprehended by thugs, who are ordered to kill him. Can fire normal and phosphorus shells.

The most obvious difference between Contract J. Danger Danger reaches the scientist first, and they begin destroying the lunar base to prevent Jack from escaping. If not for old cars scattered through the levels and the great title song reminiscent of the classic Peter Gunn theme, the game could be taking place in the present day. Upon delving deeper into the base, Jack becomes aware that the facility is a secret rocket launch site.

Contract Jack