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So may you reflect on this and really see Buddha Dhamma Sangha as a refuge. Because our conceiving mind tends always to delude us, it takes us into becoming. It is not even the physical pain that is the suffering, it is the aversion.

We may know the chemical formula or be able to recite all the great poetry ever written about honey, but only when we taste it for ourselves do we really know what it is like. Dhammam saranam gacchami I go to the Dhamma for refuge. If only my friends were wise and encouraging and the teachers truly wise, generous and kind. When we take this refuge we do not act in any way that causes division, disharmony, cruelty, meanness or unkindness to any living being, including ourself, our own body and mind. We no longer have to ask or demand things from others, whether it is from other people or even some deity or force that we feel is separate from us and has to be prayed to and asked for guidance.

We have to accept complete responsibility for our life, and live it.

So the refuge of Sangha is a very practical refuge for day-to-day living within the human form, within this body, in relation to the bodies of other beings and the physical world that we live in. Paccattam veditabbo vinnuhi means that we can only know Dhamma through direct experience. The future remains unknown and mysterious, but in the present, by taking refuge in the Buddha we have that presence of mind now to reflect on and learn from life as we live it. The descriptions of the Dhamma keep us in the present, in the here-and-now, unbound by time.

The only real protection is taking refuge in the Buddha. The word akala means timeless. Conditions in the world are changing conditions. We forgive, we let go of those memories, because taking refuge in Sangha means, here and now, doing good and refraining from doing evil with bodily action and speech. Five minutes alone with themselves without any dope or drink or anything would seem to them like eternal hell, because the kammic result of evil is so appalling, mentally.

If only the United Sates of America had a truly wise, compassionate government that never made any mistakes, supported me completely and appreciated me fully. When we are aware and mindful, when we reflect and observe, we begin to see that acting on impulses that are cruel and selfish only brings harm and misery to ourself as well as to others. Ehipassikadhamma means to come and see, to turn towards or go to the Dhamma. In no way can we blame anyone else for anything at all. It is the knowing of that change that we call Buddha and in which we take refuge.

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Look on them as opportunities for reflection and consideration. At the time when I was look-ing to blame others and I was desperately trying to think of the faults of my parents, I really had to work at it. It is not taking refuge in a belief in Dhamma, or a belief in God or in some kind of force in outer space or something beyond or something separate, something that we have to find sometime later. It is not taking refuge in philosophy or intellectual concepts, in theories, in ideas, in doctrines or beliefs of any sort.

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Buddham saranam gacchami I go to the Buddha for refuge Dhammam saranam gacchami I go to the Dhamma for refuge Sangham saranam gacchami I go to the Sangha for refuge. Buddham saranam gacchami I go to the Buddha for refuge. Sangham saranam gacchami I go to the Sangha for refuge. Never miss latest songs lyrics update.

But when we meditate it means we can no longer get away with that kind of lying to ourselves. Rather than constantly thinking in terms of becoming something, we take refuge in being Dhamma in the present. The conditions around us might change. Opanayiko means leading inwards, towards the peace within the mind. Taking refuge in the Buddha is enough.

One would investigate it, look at it, examine it before it was said and after it was said, and eventually one would start listening to it and hear beyond the sound, until one heard the silence. The Buddha image sits in great dignity and calm, not in a trance but fully alert, with a look of wakefulness and kindness, not being caught in the changing conditions around it.

We call it Buddha-wisdom, other people can call it other things if they want, these are just words. There is no one else to blame for our suffering now but ourselves, our own ignorance, selfishness and conceit. As we practise more and more and begin to realize the profundity of the Buddhist Teachings, it becomes a real joy to take these refuges, and even just their recitation inspires the mind.

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We happen to use the words of our tradition. When there is wisdom, when we act wisely and live wisely, we are truly safe. When we are meditating we realize that we have to be completely responsible for how we live. Being that truth, taking that refuge, calls for an immediate awakening, for being wise now, being Buddha, being Dhamma in the present. We have to be that truth, here and now.

We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. The second refuge is in the Dhamma, in ultimate truth or ultimate reality. They wanted something made out of bronze and clay, stamped and blessed.

We only need a personal relationship with something we are not, like our mother, father, husband or wife, something separate from us. Akalikadhamma means that Dhamma is not bound by any time condition. Today in modern Britain we find that generally people are more sophisticated.

Ajahn Fun was a much-loved and deeply respected monk, the teacher of the Royal Family, and he was so popular that he was constantly receiving guests. He could make it into a really profound meditation, whether for an illiterate farmer or an elegant, western-educated Thai aristocrat.

We take refuge in that in all of us that intends to do good, which is compassionate and kind and loving towards ourselves and others. We give up all our attempts to conceive Dhamma as being this or that or anything at all, and let go of our desire to have a personal relationship with the truth. The Third refuge is Sangha, which means a group. Though the image is made of brass and we have these flesh-and-blood bodies and it is much more difficult for us, still it is a reminder.

Buddham Saranam Gachhami Lyrics

My generation was very good at blaming everything on the United States, and that is a really easy one because the United States makes a lot of mistakes. It means to look, songs of good boy bad boy to be aware. They use it as a kind of koan.


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Even today when I think of those things, it is not a pleasant memory, it is not something that I want to go to announce to everybody, not something that I feel joy when I think about. Taking refuge in the Sangha means, on the conventional level, doing good and refraining from evil with bodily action and speech. Taking refuge in Dhamma is taking another safe refuge. All of us have both good thoughts and intentions and bad ones. Taking refuge in the Buddha, in wisdom, means that we have a place of safety.