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The police knowing the legal protection that these criminals would have turns a blind-eye condoning to the people's justice. International Business Times. Faizal, ends his story with this and ward mates sympathize with his story and reminds him that he didn't tell how this story is related to his broken leg.

After a long time, Shinde got a good role and he has done well in his role of Jalal Akbhar. The next day, a boy comes to the family to inform that Fathima's body was found in a dump. He was saved timely by Ambulance driver Jadaayu Sabu Kalabhavan Shajon with whom the trio becomes friendly. Both Ravi Teja and Srini Vatla are in troubles without a successful film for some time. Other than him he has four members in his family.

At the end of the two hours narration Nadirshah showed interest in directing the film. His performance in other two characters Akbhar and Antony does not seem natural though the comedy is okay to an extent. There is no doubt that people might be searching for Amar Akbar Anthony Full Movie Download and here will guide you to Download movie legally. Though she seems to gain some weight, she looked beautiful and her performance is eye-catching. Amar Akbar Anthony Theatrical poster.

The background score was done by Bijibal. And they narrated the script to Nadirshah whom they know for a long period. His father Abu Salim is a body builder and a Mr.

The film was remade in Kannada as John Jani Janardhan. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. The Story is not able to live up to the expectations of the audience. Based on the initial feedback it seems difficult. After that they approached Jayasurya for roping him for one of the three lead roles.

Amar Akbar Anthony Mp3 Songs Free Download

Amar Akbar Anthony Mp3 Songs Free Download - Naa Songs

Bibin George Vishnu Unnikrishnan. You have entered an incorrect email address! Cochin winner and is still preparing for competitions, while his mother Bindu Panicker is the home-maker. The song tracks were composed by Nadirshah himself, while the background score was by Bijibal.

During the chaos, Fathima goes missing. Meanwhile, Rejimon's grandmother passes away. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Jenny reveals her love interest to Akbar.

Anthony works as a pizza delivery staff in a mall. They have created a huge hype by aggressive marketing for this movie.

He is admitted in the general ward, and there he meets other patients and begins to chat to know each other. Rejimon loves to talk about the disasters occurred in others life and revels in them. Please enter your name here. Identity of this man is confirmed by the trio and they find him.

After such a long waiting we are finally seeing Illena back in the Telugu movie industry with this movie. But seems that the film failed to meet those expectations with an average routine story and a similar result in other areas. This movie is an Average one-time watch movie.

This time Amar's father was met with an accident for which the cash was spend. Amar Akbar Anthony marked the directorial debut of Nadirshah. Former mimicry artist and actor Nadirshah is making his directorial debut with Amar Akbar Anthony.

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For this they save money from their monthly salary. However, before invoking their final vengeance they are intervened by the Police and to their shock are informed that it wasn't the Bengali who killed their Fathima but the colony's beloved Sir V. Due to this hype, there were huge expectations on this film from the Audience. It is always better to watch movies in Theater to get true experience about the movie.

Jayasurya Prithviraj Indrajith Namitha Pramod. The screenplay was written by Bibin George and Vishnu Unnikrishnan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Amar Akbar Anthony (1977) Mp3 Songs Free Download

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After some gap, Sunil stated to play comedy roles, but it seems the Director is not able to utilize his talent well in this movie. The most interesting aspect of this movie is its Cinematography, every frame is beautiful and Lavish, and the Editing is fine, if not great. His ward mates queries how he fell. The music of the film is composed by Nadirshah himself, while the lyrics were written by Santhosh Varma, skype na srpskom Bapu Vavad and Nadirshah.

The music album comprises five tracks. Both the Bengali and the Sir are brutally murdered as a social justice and cleansing of the community by the people of the colony. The three amigos have an ambition to go for a tour at Pattaya beach in Thailand with the immoral intend to score with women and flirt with modern lively girls. Police verifies that similar girls under the age ten are missing from surrounding area and several of their abused dead-body is found in various places.

The lyrics by Taman are okay and the background score is good. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We always encourage you to support an anti-piracy campaign because the movie industry adds a lot of efforts for making the movie. As colony association annual day nears, the colony members gets ready for carnival programs which includes Jeni orchestrated dance program and Fathima's solo song.

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Sony Music released the film's soundtrack label. International Business Times, India Edition. Even if you are not a great fan of such jokes, this film can keep you entertained.

Akbar is a handicap due to Poliomyelitis. The inebriated trio make a fight during the festival because Akbar finds the man who punched him in a car park.